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Staying in a period in a historical residence on the hills of Florence is an unrepeatable experience, full of emotions that will remain indelible in your memory. Villa Le Rose with all its history is ready to welcome in the most beautiful Renaissance Villa in Florence.

Records first appear of a settlement in Brancolano


Brancolano is sold to the Antinori family as a Borghi property for 400 Florins. Records describe the property comprised of a farmholding and a stately home.


Villa le Rose belongs to the Colomboli family. Also known as Rossi D’Oltrarno this Florentine family figures in archival records since 1156. Over the years they change their family name to Rosolesi and establish their coat of arms which feature a rose in honour of the villa.

XV secolo

The widow of Antonio de’ Rossi D’Oltrarno sells the villa to Niccolò Tommaso Antinori.


The architect Niccolò Ruccellai carries out restructuring work to the villa establishing its current Renaissance style. Following Antinori’s request, the stately living quarters are developed on the ground floor and the basement, while the first floor was reserved for wheat storage.


The Salone delle Feste, The Ballroom, is frescoed. However the date is disputed on the grounds that the green used was not employed in Florence until after 1700.


The dining room is frescoed with the myth of Diana and Actaeon.


The Blue Living room is frescoed with country scenes. The Studio is also adorned with trompe-l’oeil monochromatic figurative scenes and stucco framed.


Initial work is carried out on the south face of the first floor in order to create more bedrooms. The remaining part of the first floor is kept for wheat storage.


The villa is sold to the Küchel family. They embark on modernising the villa, adding an internal elevator.


Following the Allied Forces’ success in pushing back the German line, the villa is requisitioned and used by American officers as their quarters.


Villa le Rose is bought by Earnst and Jean Boissevain.


Restructuring and renovation work ends. Among the work completed, the swimming pool is built replacing the round corral.


Leonardo and Beatrice Ferragamo acquire Villa le Rose.


Restoration and maintenance work on the villa ends giving it its current appearance.


Villa Le Rose

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